San Diego University

San Diego University has set the standards for a contemporary, engaging university where most innovative change-makers challenge humanity’s urgent challenges. It’s a professional University and serving students with a high level of academic excellence.

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San Diego University Mission

San Diego University is a Roman Catholic university and committed to making academic excellence advance, expanding professional and liberal knowledge, and creating an inclusive and diverse community and making leaders those who are dedicated to compassionate service and ethical conduct.

Their Core Values

This university is a big Catholic identity and witnessing the christen message that is proclaimed by the Roman Catholic Church. The University of San Diego promote the intellectual explorations of religious faith, develops programs and recruit persons supporting the universities’ mission, also cultivates the active faith. The University of San Diego is highly committed to the fullest development and dignity of the people. The Catholic Church traditions of this university give the foundation and core values that are listed below. San Diego University strongly believes in its core values.


San Diego University is working on advancing the intellectual development, promoting global citizenship, also cultivating an appreciation of the beauty, truth, and goodness. This university is providing spiritual, physical, cultural and social development to the students. San Diego University provides professional training grounded in the foundations and liberal learning. This university is making students understand express and complex issues with conviction and courage.


San Diego University in highly committed to making a welcoming, collaborative and inclusive community accentuated by the spirit of charity and freedom, also marked by the safety of dignity and rights of the individuals. This university gives values to students, staff, and faculty from various backgrounds and faith traditions, also committed to making an atmosphere of safety, trust and respect in a whole community characterized by the very rich diversity of folks and ideas.

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Academic Excellence

San Diego University pursues academic excellence, into its learning, teaching, and research to serve humanity, international and national communities. This University is processing integrity and institutional autonomy necessary to upload a high standard of academic freedom and intellectual inquiry.

Ethical Conduct

San Diego University believes in providing the Catholic social and moral traditions by the help of commitment and serves compassion, also to foster justice for work and peace. This University campus highly regards peace as a closed-form of advanced education, and justice, service to fashion and more humane world.


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