University of San Francisco

this image shows a university of san francisco student over the golden gate bridge

The University of San Francisco is located in San Francisco, California, it’s a Jesuit university. The main campus is located in Golden Gate Bridge. The main campus is called a The hilltop campus. This university offers 230 graduate, undergraduate, certification, and professional programs at the Hilltop Campus. This university also offers other programs at various additional campuses.


The USF is a Jesuit traditional based university and welcome students of every faith and non-faith. Their mission is the foundation of the university, and also reflects the mutual views of the institution. This is an internationally recognized university and recognized as a Jesuit Catholic urban university. It has a global perspective to educate the leaders who are going to fashion a more humane.


The main mission of USF is to highly promote learning in under the tradition of Catholic tradition. This university offer graduate, undergraduate, and various professional degrees and skills. This university is making professionals and persons to fight the upcoming global challenges, and the sensitivity and values for a successful life.

this shows a lamp and table with laptop signifying student life at the university of san francisco

Core values

The University of San Francisco is highly committed to including commitment and belief to advancing. This university is working on the responsibility and freedom to examine the truth and also follow the evidence to the conclusion. USF is working on Catholic traditions and views reason and faith as a complementary source in the truth-finding and authentic people development. They welcome persons from all religions and faiths as fully contributing allies with the university. The University of San Francisco is teaching their students humanizing, and social activity instead of competitive exercise. The USF believes that the diversity of perspective, traditions, and experiences as essential mechanisms for quality education in the global context.

Strategic Initiative

The University of San Francisco is committed to retain and recruit a diverse faculty, including outstanding scholars and teachers and a diverse, service-oriented, highly qualified, and highly committed to advancing the vision of University, values, and mission. The University enroll, graduate and support a diverse students body, that demonstrates huge academic achievement, durable leadership ability, sense of responsibility and concern for others for vulnerable and weak. They are providing an attractive environment in the campuses and also providing a resource to encourage learning throughout the university. The University of San Francisco has a trained faculty to support exceptional educational programs. They have all the technology solutions to improve services and learning. They also provide a learning resource to enrich the curriculum and also support scholarships.

this is a picture of a student of university of san francisco


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