Reasons Why Stanford University is Awesome

Applying for college is one of the difficult decisions to make for upcoming college students. There are many best colleges and universities in California and many students from high school are having a hard time choosing which college or university they will attend. Hopefully, after reading this article, it will help you enlighten your mind and consider going to Stanford University.

Students here study a lot but still make it socialize with one another.

Students at Stanford University are known to study a lot – but it does not prevent them to have an active social life and make time for fun and enjoyment. They also know how to have fun outside the library. Students gather on the quadrangle as they held a drunken welcome party for upperclassmen and new freshmen.

Students at Stanford University are not just great in academics but also in sports.

Most people think that if you are going to Stanford University, all you do is to study and study and study – but they took the wrong impression. Students at Stanford University are also interested in sports. In fact, they won the Director’s Cup for 20 consecutive years and dubbed as NCAA national champion.

this image shows Stanford University awesome with sports

Stanford University has the most beautiful campus.

In a field that measures about 8,000 acres, Stanford University is one the largest campus in the USA. It also includes iconic structures such as Hoover Tower, the Main Quad, and Memorial Church. Additionally, California sets a perfect weather every day – not too cold, not too hot.

Stanford University has a lot of traditional activities to offer.

While there are many traditional activities that Stanford University offers, the best one is the Full Moon that is held on the Main Quad. This Full Moon traditional activity is where both freshmen & seniors interlocked their lips under the glazing, bright full moon.

Stanford Universities has the best professors in the fields.

As a top academic institution, there is no surprise that Stanford University has the best professors in different fields. This is the home of the best among the bests. And as a result, the faculty of this university obtained Nobel prizes.

These are just a few reasons why Stanford University is awesome and not just about academics. So, if you are planning to attend school at this university, do not be afraid of the impression of others. Your social life will not be taken away from you. In fact, there’s a lot of things to do while you are at Stanford University.


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