San Diego University

San Diego University has set the standards for a contemporary, engaging university where most innovative change-makers challenge humanity’s urgent challenges. It’s a professional University and serving students with a high level of academic excellence.

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San Diego University Mission

San Diego University is a Roman Catholic university and committed to making academic excellence advance, expanding professional and liberal knowledge, and creating an inclusive and diverse community and making leaders those who are dedicated to compassionate service and ethical conduct.

Their Core Values

This university is a big Catholic identity and witnessing the christen message that is proclaimed by the Roman Catholic Church. The University of San Diego promote the intellectual explorations of religious faith, develops programs and recruit persons supporting the universities’ mission, also cultivates the active faith. The University of San Diego is highly committed to the fullest development and dignity of the people. The Catholic Church traditions of this university give the foundation and core values that are listed below. San Diego University strongly believes in its core values.


San Diego University is working on advancing the intellectual development, promoting global citizenship, also cultivating an appreciation of the beauty, truth, and goodness. This university is providing spiritual, physical, cultural and social development to the students. San Diego University provides professional training grounded in the foundations and liberal learning. This university is making students understand express and complex issues with conviction and courage.

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About UCLA

With an acceptance rate of 18% and an impeccable ranking amongst other colleges in the world, it is no wonder that UCLA remains one of the top academic institutions in the U.S.A. UCLA (short for University of California at Los Angeles) was founded in 1919 — exactly a hundred years ago by Ernest Moore and Edward Dickenson. It was originally known as the Southern Branch of the University of California, but that changed later in 1927 by the Regents. Today in 2019, UCLA boasts a student body of more than 44,000 thousand students in total and includes highly ranked schools, such as Medicine, Law, Management, Engineering, and Applied Sciences, and Theatre. The University offers more than 120 undergraduate majors, 90 minors and a huge selection of graduate programs as well.

Campus Details

The UCLA campus is located in Westwood’s neighborhood, Los Angeles, about five miles away from the Pacific Ocean. The campus encompasses 163 buildings scattered across approximately 419 acres of land and was designed by Allison & Allison, a local architecture firm. The campus is divided into two sections; a North section, and a South section. The North section entails the arts, humanities, law, history, business programs. The South section includes the sciences, engineering, mathematical sciences and fields related to health. It is also home to the UCLA medical center. One building on campus, which was named after an alumnus, received a Nobel Prize for initiating negotiations between the Arabs and Jews in 1950. A Japanese style garden (The Hannah Carter Japanese Garden) can also be found on campus.

Student Life at UCLA

The impressive campus at UCLA ensures that every student acquires the experience associated with college life. With over 1,000 student organizations and 60 Greek chapters, UCLA has plenty of diverse options under its belt. You can choose to volunteer on campus, participate in several events, or join athletic activities. Many sports are offered, such as soccer, swimming, golf, basketball, lacrosse, and several others. UCLA is known for its sports teams and holds a record for the most NCAA titles (about 111 titles). The wrestling and judo segments of the 2028 Olympics are expected to be held at Pauley Pavilion. UCLA’s campus offers more than 20,000 parking spots, alongside a transportation program that is environmentally friendly. Students can purchase a pass program, which enables them to use transportation on campus to facilitate their trips.

University of San Francisco

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The University of San Francisco is located in San Francisco, California, it’s a Jesuit university. The main campus is located in Golden Gate Bridge. The main campus is called a The hilltop campus. This university offers 230 graduate, undergraduate, certification, and professional programs at the Hilltop Campus. This university also offers other programs at various additional campuses.


The USF is a Jesuit traditional based university and welcome students of every faith and non-faith. Their mission is the foundation of the university, and also reflects the mutual views of the institution. This is an internationally recognized university and recognized as a Jesuit Catholic urban university. It has a global perspective to educate the leaders who are going to fashion a more humane.


The main mission of USF is to highly promote learning in under the tradition of Catholic tradition. This university offer graduate, undergraduate, and various professional degrees and skills. This university is making professionals and persons to fight the upcoming global challenges, and the sensitivity and values for a successful life.

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Why You Should Come to USC

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If you are just entering college and you are confused with hat school you will be attending, why not consider coming to the University of Southern California? There are many reasons why USC is a great option for college. Given the fact that there are many colleges and universities out there, you need to differentiate each from one another.

Come to USC

Here are the reasons why you should come to USC

Perfect Weather

Having a temperature of 70 degrees combined with minimal rain, entire Southern California can be considered to have perfect weather. It is not too hot nor too cold, but just calm and relaxing weather.

Perfect Size

The campus of the University of Southern California is not too big nor too small, just the perfect size. You can just walk along to reach the school in just 15 minutes. So, it is not difficult for students to go to school especially those who are just walking.

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Reasons Why Stanford University is Awesome

Applying for college is one of the difficult decisions to make for upcoming college students. There are many best colleges and universities in California and many students from high school are having a hard time choosing which college or university they will attend. Hopefully, after reading this article, it will help you enlighten your mind and consider going to Stanford University.

Students here study a lot but still make it socialize with one another.

Students at Stanford University are known to study a lot – but it does not prevent them to have an active social life and make time for fun and enjoyment. They also know how to have fun outside the library. Students gather on the quadrangle as they held a drunken welcome party for upperclassmen and new freshmen.

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