Chaffey College

Chaffey College is one of the biggest national institutes of higher education, a prominent and dynamic research university. Its academic presence is spanning very fast globally. This is a good enduring institution of human. They owe the longevity, to their abilities and reflect upon long ranges goal and also their tradition with future concerns. These initiatives shape this university in a way that will permit students, administrations, scholars, and staff to carry out the university future still. Chaffey’s team is highly vomited to fulfill the educational mission of the university and research enterprise, and advancing the vision for Chaffey College’s future. It is constantly working to sustain the traditions of academic excellence.

Students Success

At Chaffey College success is together an office and an ethos. CC is committed to delivering on promises that students will have the resources and support they need to succeed in a dynamic learning system. Partnering with big leaders from Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, and the Enrollment management, also shape and inform factors to positivity affects retention, graduation, or overall student experience. CC supports all faculty, staff, and students equally to make CC a compressive research university.

Chaffey College provides individualized counseling, technological resources, and academic support to help students achieve their goals in both classrooms and beyond.

My brother attended Chaffey College, and since him and I worked as roofers while also attended college, we both started roofing companies. Mine in Encinitas, his as a roofing company in Chino Hills. We have a great time both working in this Southern California area. He gives all of his gratitude to the Chaffey College for preparing himself for success.

Affordable Steering Committee

Chaffey College is making huge efforts to make this university an affordable university for all students. Affordable Steering Committee is highly committed to support students and make quality education affordable for them at CC. This committee is constantly working to engage the whole community of the university to explore strategies and ideas. Chaffey College is the most affordable and quality education providing university. They believe everyone has the right to get quality education no matter their financial background is strong or not. They are providing equal opportunities to all students and faculty members.

Chaffey College

Being@CC is a part of the culture to embrace diversity, promote cultural inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force agreed to rigorous assessments of the university. The Being@CC conduct campus climate assessment for evaluating the living, working, and learning environment. This assessment allows CCfor improving the campus climate and address the seizing and challenges and identifies opportunities in assessments. This task force shaped a working group to make the project successful. This task force oversees the development process, outcomes, etc. This result will provide information about benchmark progress, and make sure that the University work to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion.


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