San Diego State University

this picture shows the san diego state university students

San Diego State University is a professional public research university located in San Diego, California. This university is founded in 1897 a named as San Diego Normal School, this is 3rd oldest university and also a member of California State University organization. San Diego State University provides an opportunity to thirty-six thousand students to participate in professional academic qualification distinguished by international emphasis, this prepare student for a bright global future. SDSU is committed to deliver quality education to students and make them capable of fighting global challenges.

San Diego State University Mission

SDUM is working on high quality and research-oriented education system and providing education to graduate and undergraduate students to contribute to problem-solving through distinction and excellence research, teaching, and service.

This university strives to impart the board understanding and appreciation of human experiences through the ages and world. SDSU pursue the mission through the many diverse interdisciplinary programs and departments in arts and creative performance, humanities, science, and behavioral science and social science.

SDSU provides tremendous opportunities for post job life. Expertise is earned, not given. Since SDSU is my alma matter, I got to give credit where credit is due. Although I did not get a career after college, I started my own business in the roofing industry. I learned contractor type work on the side during college. I was a roofer while I went to college. After learning the ins and outs of the trade. It kept my interest post-college and my entrepreneurial instinct took over in starting a company, Encinitas Roofing Pros. Encinitas is just north of San Diego. If you guys need a roof, check me out though. I would definitely recommend checking out San Diego State University as an option.

Local Connection

SDSU is highly committed to serving richly different San Diego region, this university rank as top universities nationwide in the terms of racial, ethical and economic diversity between the student bodies. It also provides financial support to those students who have a good track record in academic achievements through a Price Community program. This university has strong local and international connections as well. They give importance to local connections.


SDSU is constantly increasing the innovative research, this university is classified Carnegie as R2 doctoral university with high research activities. Their students peruse actual-world challenges by the help of international mentors in business incubators and entrepreneurship centers. This university strongly believes in research and problem-solving. Students of SDSU participate in problem solving and research. This university is constantly improving its research methods to train students for research and development.

san diego state university research facility


SDSU is committed to providing students a high level of the learning environment. This university has renovated and reimagined academic complexes and building, the labs, library and residence hall. A new Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex instructional areas also provide ample capacity to collaborative labs and space for interdisciplinary team and SDSU entrepreneurship centers. SDSU is constantly improving its campus and making state of the art new building and laboratories. They are committed to teaching students theory but more practical so students can face upcoming global challenges in their field.


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